Harry Potter Party: Honeydukes Sign

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One of the cornerstones of Hogmeade is the Honeydukes Candy Store.   As part of my Harry Potter party, I plan to have a variety of candies similar to those mentioned in the books, displayed on a shelf underneath a Honeydukes sign.  Since you can’t quite pick up the sign at your local store, I decided to make one.   Here are step-by-step instructions on how I made my sign:


Paintbrushes (One small sponge brush, one small angled brush and one very small round brush for detail work)

Paint: Pale Pink, Pale Green, Dark Green, and White


Charcoal Pencil


Pattern [Line Only]  [With Color Overlay]



1 Small Board (The pattern is scaled for a 4×12″ board)

Hanging Materials


1.  Paint the board in white paint.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

2.  Align the pattern, line side up and charcoal side down on your board.  Use a sharp pencil to trace the pattern on the board.

3.  Paint in details, one color at a time.   Use the image with stencil overlay to guide your color selection.

4.  Staple twine to the back, drill hooks into the board, use a picture hanging kit, or drill small holes to hang your sign.
Print out the pattern to the size of your board.  Rub the back of the paper behind all lines with the charcoal pencil.

Inspiration from my trip to Harry Potter World:


  1. It helps to paint the darker letter coloring first, then cover with the light color.
  2. If you want a crisp line or extra lines along the outside diamond on your sign, use sharpies in a variety of colors and a ruler to draw in edges.
  3. It may be best to take your dark green paint and just add white to it to create your pale green.   I tried matching greens, but the mixture of dark green and white looked much better in the end.
  4. If you do not have a steady hand for painting, try using paint markers or sharpies to create the lettering and lines.
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